Programs & Workshops

As part of my work to support individuals and families with elder and health care needs, I present community education programs and workplace training, and workshops.   

Presentations Include:

  • Essentials of Elder and Health Advocacy
  • Extending Elders’ Independence
  • Health Care Advocacy: Legal and Practical Issues
  • Legal Issues Surrounding Elder Care and Caregiving
  • Health Advocacy for Elders Affected by Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Help Yourself to Safer Health Care
  • Piecing it Together: Managing Caregiving and Health Care

Workshops Include:

  • Anticipate the Need for Caregiving: Must-have Information, Documents and Discussions
  • When Caregiving Starts with a Crisis: The Emergency Room and What Comes After
  • Getting Good Health Care for Yourself and Loved Ones
  • Managing the Risks of Hospitalization and Long-Term Care 

I am happy to provide references, and will provide fee information on request.

Square One does not provide financial, medical, or legal services.

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