All – it seems likely that we’ll be dealing with this virus and its effects for a while, so I’m going to pass along ideas, non-medical information and resources as I find them. I welcome your ideas – let’s keep it factual and civil.
I started this series focused on local (South San Luis Obispo County, California) resources, but much of the information, particularly in more recent posts, is relevant anywhere.
For starters, here are some basic resources for essentials:
Grocery Delivery.
Most of the major grocery chains will deliver groceries and prepared (deli) food items. Pay with credit card on line. Fees vary.
Smart and Final
Vons (note: as described in more recent posts, this service has not been satisfactory)

Medication Delivery
Most of the major pharmacies have delivery service. Some deliver through USPS, which takes 2-3 days. Call your local pharmacy; some chains’ websites do not have the most current information.

Prepared food
Many local restaurants and some catering companies are offering take out as a community service and as a way to stay in business. You can call in your order and pick up curbside or go through one of the delivery services like or Give yourself a break from your own cooking – SUPPORT LOCAL RESTAURANTS!
Special diets (low sodium, vegetarian, organic, vegan) can be a challenge. If a Google search doesn’t turn up anything helpful, try a natural food store, local cancer resource center, your oncologist’s office or another patient support group. Some communities have companies or programs that provide food tailored for people going through chemotherapy. You can also try the Dietary Department at a local hospital.

Transportation. In our area, public transportation services are operating normally, but for essential travel only. Check with your Regional Transportation Authority, Transit District or community information service.

More to follow – KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON
Linda Beck, Square One Elder and Health Advocacy