Services For Individuals

Few people know where to start thinking about caring for parents or other elders, aging, or managing health care.

Square One helps, with programs and services for elder care and health care including:

Health Advocacy

  • Organize health care records
  • Prepare for and attend health care appointments to promote good communication and capture vital information
  • Gather and evaluate health care information
  • Participate in discharge planning, assess feasibility of returning home, prepare plan for in-home services and equipment and organize resources
  • Review health care bills, dispute incorrect charges, appeal claim denials and charges for out-of-network services

Facilitate Aging in Place

  • Identify and evaluate housing options
  • Research and coordinate home adaptations
  • Organize support services and resources

Support for Relocation

  • Connections for coordinating downsizing and moving

Manage Caregiving

  • Identify eldercare resources, including referrals through professional networks for remote locations
  • Organize caregiving services, including home care, transportation, meals, and technology services
  • Monitor current status and anticipate future needs for care

Services for individuals are billed on an hourly basis.  A 90 minute consultation and initial planning session starts at $290.

Square One does not provide financial, medical, or legal services.

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