The particulars of this virus (damaging the lungs), the part of the population at highest risk (older adults), and the potential for having to ration limited treatment resources (ventilators and Intensive Care Unit beds) all together make immediate attention to advance care planning critical for everyone.
* Designate someone to make health care decisions for you if you cannot by signing an Advance Health Care Directive. Follow whatever laws apply in your state to make it valid. Be sure to keep a copy with you, give copies to the person you name, your health care providers, and health care facilities you visit. Take a copy with you if you go to the hospital.
* Have the conversation with the person you name as your agent and with other loved ones about the care you want (and don’t want) so everyone understands your wishes. There are good materials available to help make these conversations easier at the link below.
Please follow this link to subject-specific resources for advocates, caregivers, clinicians, and the rest of us.
Be well – Keep Calm and Carry On
Linda Beck