Services For Employers

“Best Practices” for controlling workplace disruption due to workers’ elder caregiving crises include providing support, resources, and/or referral services that provide caregiving information to employees. These measures work; employers who provide these benefits report improved employee retention and engagement, decreased absenteeism, and reduced health costs. They are also best practices for avoiding claims for family responsibility discrimination.

Square One helps, with programs about elder care and health care, extending elders’ independence to avoid crises and delay the need for support, and managing caregiving.

Square One provides:

Education for Employers and Managers:

  • Identifying the impact of caregiving, aging, and health care in the workplace
  • Reinforcing the benefits of “work-life” policies
  • Reducing the likelihood of claims for family responsibility discrimination

Elder Care and Health Care Workshops:

  • Anticipate the Need for Caregiving: Must-have Information, Documents and Discussions
  • When Caregiving Starts with a Crisis: the Emergency Room and What Comes After
  • Getting Good Health Care for Yourself and Loved Ones
  • Managing the Risks of Hospitalization and Long-Term Care
  • Extending Elders’ Independence

Square One brings its programs to your site. Presentations are tailored to each organization’s population. Services can be provided live or virtually at times that best fit your employees’ schedule: “lunch and learn,” after hours or weekend sessions are available.

Employees who want additional services – like individualized planning or support – can contract directly with Square One.  Individual services can also be underwritten in whole or in part with employer funding.

Square One does not provide financial, medical, or legal services.

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